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There really aren't many places in this world where you can be honest and completely yourself. This site is made for people who feel lonely. No matter where you live, what your identity or sexual orientation is, this is where you can speak out, listen or learn.

“Equality means more than passing laws. The struggle is really won in the hearts and minds of the community, where it really counts.”

– Barbara Gittings


Woman's voice

Blog is about women. Their history and work for better future.

Радужные Флаги

Open sexuality

In this world there are still so many places where people live based on stereotypes. In such places it can be dangerous to be completely yourself. It can be your family house, city or country. Or maybe you just don't feel comfortable talking about your identity with your close ones. Here you can share anonymously or openly. You can tell a whole story or just admit your uniqueness. You can talk about your identity, mental health or interests. Here you can be yourself. Safety, tolerance and absolute acceptance flourish here.

Mental health

Blog about mental health, good habits and how you can                                   help yourself.

Сессия психолога